What are we raising money for?

Spanish Assistants (Interns) are an integral part of
our students immersion education. Each intern costs $5552, which
includes a processing/recruiting fee to Amity, a monthly stipend of
$300, and a daily school lunch allowance.

For the 2020-21 school year, we have 25+ immersion classrooms (K-12) and 15 interns (13 at SSE and 2 at EMS) total. The school district supports one intern, while any additional interns are privately funded.  Additional monies that raised go towards classroom supplies, teacher professional development and other program needs.

Our fundraising goal for this year is: $65,000!

Why recurring donations?

There are many reasons that recurring donations are beneficial both to our organization and to your family.  Having a more consistent income helps us to budget money throughout the year instead of relying on one large fundraiser.

It allows us to plan for how many interns we will be able to support as well as help with classroom supplies and money for teacher development.  For families, we hope this option is more budget friendly allowing you to make small contributions each month instead of a one-time check at Great Gatherings or similar event.

Our hope is that many families will commit to donating $10/month per student in the program to help us grow and build an even stronger program for the coming year.

How can you help?

Click on the DONATE link below to sign up for GRACIAS GIVING, a one-time or recurring donation to PASI using either your checking account or a credit card.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to make a contribution to help fund interns for the 2020-21 school year you can do the following:

  • Contact PASI at pasi.sf.sd@gmail.com for instructions on where to mail your donation.
  • Check with your employer for opportunities for Matching Funds for personal donations.
  • Click the DONATE link below or at the top right hand corner of this page for GRACIAS GIVING, our secure online donation site!