When your child is in fifth grade, their class will attend a fabulous Spanish weekend field trip at Concordia’s Language Village. For a sneak preview of the camps, check out their website.

PASI offers you the opportunity to earn money for your trip, using the SCRIP gift card program. You can begin participating in SCRIP immediately, regardless of what grade your students are currently in, and the earnings continue each year and transfer to siblings. Once you have earned the cost of your fifth grade trip (avg $350 per student), you can continue earning and put it towards other siblings or the optional middle school trip – Peru in 2021.

SCRIP is a simple, effective way for non-profit organizations to raise money. Families purchase gift cards to local merchants (Best Buy, HyVee, Starbucks, Kohls, Applebees, Walmart/Sam’s, Target, Amazon and many more!) through www.shopwithscrip.com.

PASI is able to buy these gift cards at a discount of between 1-20%. Since the members pay face value, the discount is the amount of profit earned for your student’s class trip.

How to get started?

Go to the www.shopwithscrip.com and create an account
Associate your account with PASI by using enrollment ID 23534FCB28631
Place your order online and sign up for Prestopay to pay online as well.

Use www.myscripwallet.com to access your e-cards and make purchases from your smartphone to earn even faster!

Questions? Contact: PASI by email pasi.sf.sd@gmail.com

**Orders are typically placed each Monday at 10am and delivered to student’s classrooms on Thursday mornings.**